The Importation Process from the UK to Kenya

The procedures followed when importing a unit from the UK.

Step 1: Vehicle Specifications

We identify the model and specifications of the Unit to be imported and give professional advice on the Unit.

Step 2: Scrutiny

We source the Unit with our Suppliers in the UK. Once the Unit is identified, we request for official records.
These include full mechanical report, service history, and official previous owners vehicle records.
We then Consult our client with this information at hand and once the client finds this satisfactory
We proceed and reserve the vehicle with a 50% deposit.

Step 3: Shipping

We identify a vessel that will fit an appropriate time frame for delivery to the port of Mombasa.
Time is very crucial, so we ensure we come up with an accurate date and time.
All shipping records are provided and a tracking system is generated.
Secondary inspection is carried out once again on arrival to ensure the vehicle meets and complies with international regulations. We will also have an appointed correspondent at the Associated British port to ensure compliance is met.

Step 4: Clearance and Registration

On arrival at the port of Mombasa, we will initiate a clearance process with the assistance of our clearing agents.
This includes Payment of import Duty, Port charges and submit import declaration forms.
Units leave the port with registration number plates.
All Units are tagged with a GPRS tracking unit as an additional security measure before dispatch from Mombasa.

Step 5: Cleaning and Delivery

At this stage, the unit will be taken to an appointed Vehicle cleaning service.
Delivery may be arranged via carriage or driven upon request.


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